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SINCE 1985

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" Deus sive natura "

Baruch Spinoza

We love to remind of it.

La Spinosa has got a name that tributes to the philosopher who inspires us everyday in our work.

Coming back towards short production cycles, farming without pesticides, finding out marked herb properties: that's how we're feeding La Spinosa.

The farm consacrates itself to grow medical herbs slowly and patiently.

Nowadays Marigold, Borrago officinalis, Californian poppy, Lemon balm, Silene, Leonurus cardiaca, Helicrysum and Savory are growing on a 2500square metres field.

Alongside them there are weeds. Many of them are "good" as the ones grown on purposes and we are beginning to take advantage of their properties and to offer them to our customers: Portulaca, Tarassaco, Chenopodio, Asprelle, Senecione are slowly becoming our allies.

We believe in work, efforts, in the land, in the scent of flowers, summer colours, growth of seeds and ideas.

Here we have decreased mechanization.

Here we respect ourselves, today this is our medicine.


La Spinosa has a completly organic biography.

The farm stands on a land which has been certifying organic for over 20 years: vegetables have been grown with love on this land since then.

So you could say it is definitely a good start!

La Spinosa has started out on a "good" and pure land. The certification was therefore obtained without passing through the conversion period, in a totally "natural" way. The organic method (IT BIO 004, 08-02777, cod. 36768) which La Spinosa complies with is based on total respect for natural cycles. Each phase is hand performed.

We use sheep wool, wood ash and manure to help the earth not to be impoverished, we defend herbs from parasites trying to remove them with macerated nettle, horsetail and pyrethrum.

Each herb and flower is picked in its balsamic moment which is exactly when it is richest in principles.

This allows herbs, once dried, to preserve the best of their properties.

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